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For years, Ronne and Courtney have started their mornings with Jesus and coffee. The time begins with prayer – a simple “Please help me calm down and focus on what I’m preparing to study” that is essential for creative girls prone to anxiety and an affection for shiny objects. They’ll read scripture – and reread it again and again – longing to hear what the Lord might say within the ancient text.
Ronne is a word girl. So she finds comfort scribbling in a journal. Notes are taken about the words read, notes that then become prayers again. And over time, the notes have become more – they’ve been transformed into reminders, encouragements, love letters written as friend-to-friend.
Courtney’s love letters are images on an iPad. As an artist, she gathers and pours the wisdom of the ages and wraps it in color and texture. The images that emerge tell stories, inspire response, and make words complete.

For You, Love: More Love Notes

For You Love: More Love Notes is a responsive prayer journal, with words and images that encourage and invite you to fall in love with the God who adores you. Scripture, prayers, and love notes from the Epistles are reminders of your worth, your purpose, and your beauty. Let them be part of your personal journey with Jesus. And remember, proceeds from the sale of For You Love devotionals provide opportunities for those who long to serve orphaned and vulnerable children.

Available late fall 2018.

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For You, Love: Prayer Journal

For You, Love  is a responsive prayer journal filled with love notes and contemplative images based on the books of Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, and Colossians. Let the images be your starting place in responding to what you read. Let the accompanying scripture inspire you to not only read but also listen to what God wants to say to you.  Ronne and Courtney bet He has a love note waiting. He’s faithful that way.

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For You, Love: Advent Collection

Hope doesn’t disappoint.
Love never fails.
Joy is made full.
Peace passes understanding.

Light of the world. The Christ is come. For all of us. For each of us.

Advent invites us to dwell in the moment that changed all moments. And “for you, love: the advent collection” is a tender and thoughtful way to celebrate hope, love, joy, peace – and light. With words, imagery, and illustrations, Ronne Rock and Courtney Nowakowski provide a place for you to reflect and respond to the mystery and majesty of the season.

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For You, Love: Gift Set
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Here is a beautiful way to show love! Our For You Love Gift Set includes both the original prayer journal and the Advent Collection, plus 36 colored pencils – all perfectly placed in a woven pouch from our friend Nelly in Antigua, Guatemala. Get to know her here!

There is a VERY limited number of our special gift sets available for purchase, and every pouch is a different design. Unfortunately, we are unable at this time to guarantee which design you’ll receive, but each is lovely, fully lined with an inside pocket and zipper closure.

For You Love Gift Set
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My Ideas - 28

Ronne  As a writer and a lover of Jesus Christ, I find myself in awe every time I read scripture. God is a fascinating creator of story. He’s truly brilliant, when you think about it. The Bible is full of plot twists, romance, mystery – things that make you cheer and things that make you rage. Even mundane passages are purposeful and rich in meaning. His words inspire me to tell stories that change stories.

Courtney  I don’t remember a time in my life when there wasn’t a paintbrush or pen in my hand. God’s palette is so vibrant and wonderful, and there is nothing like worshipping Him through designs that bring to life His power, His honor, His creativity, and His relentless love for each of us.

ronne and courtney

Today, Tomorrow, and Every Tomorrow. Please don’t forget this.

This might someday be in a "for you, love" prayer journal, along with a lovely illustration and a prayer. But I want you to have it today because, if...

We are in a Book (again)! “for you, love: the advent collection”

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He Will Not Let Us Fray (a love note from Colossians 2)

Hi there. This is a little something for you - something I've been working on for a bit with precious friend who is finding just the right image to...

Over the Moon. (Isaiah 9)

This is for you, love, when you are in the waiting season. Let the words and prayer remind you of just how much your Redeemer is over the moon...

Your Song is Playing. (Psalm 45)

"The world is weighty with suffering, and the shadows push hard into every corner. Strength is so easily melted like candle wax in this present time, even for the...

Hope Has a Heartbeat.

This is a love note to you, dear ones - you who feel scattered like leaves in a furious wind. This is a message to remind you that you...

Words Will Not Scatter. (Jeremiah 29)

In 2012, I wrote about freedom and values and pro-this and anti-that and the war of words that rages in political years, and the growing ache inside of me...

Paint a Story (Proverbs 14)

My friend Wycliffe wrote, "Proverbs 14:1. That was our sermon today." And so I journeyed there - to the scriptures, to meditate and see what God might have for...

I am Bright. (Psalm 18)

And all grew quiet. And then You reached for me, cradling me in Your arms. You lifted me from the ashes and the drowning. You breathed Your life into my...