A Love Note.

Most mornings, I get one of these.


You may think it’s a Starbucks lid with a Sharpie scribble. But it’s a love note. Yes, we could brew coffee at home and save ourselves a lot of cash. Honestly though, I think my husband opts to drive down the street and get coffee just so he can write on the lid.

Because he loves me that much. I have more than 100 love notes tucked away in a bowl now. Some days I’ll close my eyes and grab one, and then read it all over again – just to be reminded. Awesome

Yesterday, I listened as Mike Foster of People of the Second Chance talked about the yellow sticky notes his dad used to put in his lunchbox each day. He said the notes were usually the same.

Dear Mike, I hope you have a great day at school. I love you. Dad.

No matter how the day unfolded, Mike had that yellow sticky note.  On the best of days, the note cheered. On the worst of days, the note redeemed.

Yellow sticky notes.  Love notes on Starbucks lids. Both are powerful – because both say “You are BELOVED.”

Greatly loved. Precious. Dear to the heart. Priceless.

God sends those notes every day – in sunrises and smiles and moments of quiet and gentle nudges that say “Keep going – I’ve got your back” or “It’s OK to cry.” On the best  of days, He cheers. On the worst of days, He redeems. And every day, He writes this to you:

Love you

Today, what does God’s love note say to you? Would you share it with me? I’d love to read it too. 

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17 thoughts on “A Love Note.”

  1. Love this Ronne! I was wondering if those were Starbucks lids or if you had your own to-go cups at home. I think I’ll have my hubby just so happen to read this 😉
    But, I love how much truth there is in this. That the Father is always leaving us love notes. I got one yesterday, we had to buy my youngest basketball shoes. We are on a very tight budget but he has been waiting all of his little life to play and he needed the shoes. They didn’t have his size at Payless so we went to Big 5. As we passed the clearance table, there were basketball shoes, his size, regularly $40 marked down to $7! Now, some people might not think that’s a God thing, but I know it was. He cares about the smallest things and the biggest things. He loves us that much that he can give us little reminders in millions of ways, every day.
    Have a beautiful Saturday!


  2. So I mentioned beignets in a thread late last night. Just a few minutes ago I walked over to the dining hall for some coffee and one of the staffers was pulling out homemade beignets in celebration of another staffer’s birthday. I got to eat some. #allthelittlethings

  3. Love this. I tuck a little note in my daughter’s lunch box ever day also. Usually it just says something along the lines of, “I hope you have a great day at school. Love, Mom” but I know she looks forward to getting it and being reminded that I’m thinking about her even when we’re not together.

  4. Love this and love you! Yes, God leaves us little notes everyday. And so does the people around us. Like you. Just when we needed it. (oh, and I think many of us like to clone your husband…does he have a single twin? 😉

  5. I’ve started doing this in my kid’s backpacks, they eat at school, so I don’t pack their lunch. It dawned on me the other day… I don’t need a lunchbox to send them a note 😀

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