You are Story, You Know.



Hi there, friend. There’s nothing I’d like better than to be sitting with you right now, enjoying a cup of coffee or something that sparkles in a glass. We’d talk about life – everything in general or nothing in particular – and I’d fall in love with your story.

Because you ARE story, you know.

And I love stories – because I believe they change stories.

A little bit about my story? An Oklahoma gal by birth, I am now situated in the Lone Star State, along with my husband Brad, son Ian, daughter-in-love Gina, and amazing grandkids Sawyer and Tyler. While the Texas Hill Country may be where I hang my hat, home for me is anywhere my heart finds its beat.


And my heart finds its strongest beat where beauty and pain collide – because hope always finds a way to peek through the cracks. There’s more than 30 years of marketing and communications experience in my bones, working in television and for major corporations, global nonprofits, and multi-site churches, and I do find great joy in sharing whatever wisdom I have gained along the way. But these days, you’ll more often than not find me with the vulnerable, gathering words and images that inspire others to action. I’m honored to lead mission trips and manage social media content and feature stories for Orphan Outreach. I’m also a multi-media journalist for Mission Network News (my ministries include Compassion, Kids Alive International, Orphan Outreach, and Food for the Hungry), and I’m a regular contributor at Orange Leaders. I’m a writer, blogger, and speaker – sharing battle-tested wisdom about leadership, advocacy marketing, and finding God in the most beautiful and painful of circumstances. I’m also working on two books right now – an interactive prayer journal called for you, love, and Building Eden, a book about women who believe restoration is a reality, on earth as it is in heaven.


While the articles I write for others focus on in-the-trenches leadership, the delicate balance of justice and mercy, and a God who attends to the smallest of details, my blog is a peek into my very personal days. Maybe you could say I’m collecting moments for a future memoir.

(from “Shoot like a Girl | You”)

Sometimes the words are poetic and sometimes they’re raw and incomplete. There are stories about rising above abuse and falling into grace and learning how to find rest for a soul that is wired to stay on high-alert. My prayer is that they might encourage you a little, because I believe with all my heart that we’re in this together – living a life that is beautiful and awful and wrapped in threads of hope. I am hopelessly addicted to that Hope.

(from “Fortunate Fall”)

You’ll find my personal moments here, as a misfit mystic and creative insomniac who loves Jesus but stumbles about rather than follows Him easily.

(from “A Fine Day for You to be God”)

You’ll read stories about my journey with the broken and rejected in this world – because I find myself growing more and more comfortable breathing in dirt and diesel than I do wearing jewels, and I believe every life has redemption found deep within it.

(from “Gazpacho’s Sexy Sister”)

And you’ll find a few recipes, because kitchen therapy is good for my soul, and I bet it’s good for yours too.

Of all the things I love to read, I find the greatest comfort in scripture. Maybe that’s why for you, love is coming to life. It’s simply a collection of love notes that have been born from quiet mornings with the Bible. I also love the words of Henri Nouwen, Ronald Rolheiser, Eugene Peterson, Anne Lamott, Rilke, and Brennan Manning.

(from “Good and Bloodthirsty”)

And my favorite book of all? Charlotte’s Web. To this day, the frayed copy I got in fourth grade sits on my nightstand, along with my dad’s WWII bible and a book of Puritan prayer. The Gospel message in that children’s book is still good for my soul.

FullSizeRender 7
(from “Let it Go. Let it Out. Let it All Unravel.”)

Perhaps this will sound a bit strange, but if I could do anything or be anywhere right now, I would choose to simply be present wherever I am and to pour into whatever it is that’s in front of me. Reading my stories, you’ll see that there is a gypsy in me who loves to wander, and a bohemian in me who is always captivated by adventure. I’m learning to be still and be HERE and be thankful for the moments given me in this vapor of a life. I don’t want to miss diamonds in a desperate attempt to find gold.

And I believe with all my heart that you are a diamond, my friend.

And now, a few bonus questions, just for fun.

Would you rather …

Read on Kindle or paperback? I love the fragrance of paper and ink, and love the ability to scribble in the margins. But because I am prone to adventure and need to pack light, Kindle and iBook are friends to me.

Drink coffee or tea? Remember, it’s Jesus and coffee in the mornings, as long as the coffee is sweet and creamy and lactose-free. In the afternoons, there’s nothing better than a beautiful chai in India.


Go to a musical or a movie? Yes. To both. When the storyline invites me to escape into it I’ll gladly accept the invitation.

Vacation at the beach or the mountains? I believe God owns condos in the mountains. If I could, I would join Him there frequently.


Have an exciting night out or a relaxing night in? For me, it’s all about the company. As long as I’m with people I love, our destination doesn’t matter.


Watch sports, play sports, or no sports? I love sportsing. I sports all the time, and even purchased a book on how to speak sports so that people will believe I am a sportser.

That’s my story, love. Now tell me yours.

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About Ronne Rock

LIFE. LOVE. LEADERSHIP. AND A LITTLE #KITCHENTHERAPY. Ronne Rock’s heart finds its strongest beat where beauty and pain collide – because hope always finds us in the shattered places. There’s more than 30 years of marketing and communications experience in her bones, and she finds great joy in sharing leadership wisdom as a regular contributor to Orange Leaders and QARA. But more often than not these days, she's with the vulnerable in difficult places around the world, gathering stories that change stories. Find Ronne's words in "For You, Love" the prayer journal that invites you to respond, and in Everbloom, a collection of stories from the Redbud Writers Guild. She is currently writing, "Building Eden: Principles of a Grace-Filled Leadership that Restores and Redeems."   Ronne is represented by Karen Neumair at Credo Communications.

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    1. I do hope we get to spend some time together there! I love your story too – and your blog is lovely. And yes to the ever-changing world of social media.

  1. Loved reading your story – it’s His story or is that history or both? Looking forward to meeting you and yes I love that hill country. My husband and son are hunters so we love Llano.

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