I don’t know about you, but for me to soar, I need good wings. And with Building Eden, I have some beautiful ones. Take a moment to meet them now – and if you would like to join me on the Building Eden project, let’s talk!

Elora Ramirez – Elora believes that, in its purest form, storytelling is one of the best currencies we have for human connection. And that belief fuels her passion for helping others tell their story well. She’s helped more than 300 women find language to tell their story well – including me. While that alone would be reason to tell you about her and encourage you to be part of Awake the Bones, writing isn’t the only reason I trust Elora as a mentor with my words. You see, she understands my heart for the vulnerable. We met years ago at Idea Camp: Orphan Care and became soul-soldiers in the fight for justice and mercy.
Teri Modisette – Talking to Teri is like resting in a most comfortable chair. She has a way with words – both in writing them and in listening to them. I’m humbled that Teri is joining me on this journey to help listen well to the stories so that they may be told in the most meaningful way. But that’s Teri’s style, after all. You’ll see it in the words she writes at IndyInk and in the way she advocates for a woman’s true worth and value on her Pinterest board, Don’t Compare Yourself to Celebrities.
Mission Discovery
Mission Discovery – “How would you feel about helping us launch a women’s-only mission trip, where the team would do service projects and host a conference with teaching, music, and time for community to happen?” I remember getting the call from Maury Buchanan, founder of Mission Discovery – and was honored to serve in Jamaica for three years as a leader of the organization’s first all-women teams. And it was there I met the inspiration for Building Eden – Miss Mary. Mission Discovery works not only in Jamaica but in Central America, Mexico, Africa, and the United States, providing care for desperate communities often overlooked by others.
Orphan Outreach – I first fell in love with Mike Douris and the team at Orphan Outreach in 2009, when they said “yes” to visiting an orphanage I had visited outside Xela, Guatemala – an orphanage that received no support from the government and little help from anyone else. That “yes” resulted in a partnership with Little House of Refuge (Pequeño Refugio) that has transformed the lives of all who live there. I’ve traveled to Russia, Kenya, and Guatemala now with Orphan Outreach as a mission team leader, and have had the privilege of sharing stories and images to advocate for orphans and vulnerable children served by the organization and their ministry partners. “Thank you” seems inadequate for their belief in me, and in women around the world who, as Orphan Outreach mission coordinator Tom Weleka says, “take the lead when it comes to things that are important.” You’ll meet several of those women in the pages of Building Eden.
Orphan Outreach

For me to soar, I need good wings. And with Building Eden, I have some beautiful ones. And if you would like to join me on the Building Eden project, let’s talk!

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