First, thanks. Thanks for your time. You’re taking it, giving it, and sharing it with me. That means a lot. I’m staring 2018 in the face, and I want to love what I see. I believe I understand my purpose in this world (I see life in story, and I am at my best when I am exhorting and advocating). I’m feeling a big push internally to let that purpose become more purposeFULL. Right now, I’ve got several thoughts rumbling around in my head – especially around three words that just might become my theme for the year: 1) Be resolute. 2) Go small. 3) Fill the space. Interestingly enough, I’ve written articles for QARA about these three words that will publish in January. You get a sneak peek at both (the files are attached). So, here’s the deal. I would love your insight. Below are some directed questions. I hope you are able to answer every question; however, if the subject matter is something you are either not familiar with or uncomfortable addressing, that’s OK. And as I shared on Facebook, if after seeing my questions, you decide that you don't have energy or time or whatever, please reply and let me know. You'll not offend me at all, and it's actually better for me to know that you've chosen not to participate. Ready? Go!
  • 9. Ronne is currently (or still, depending upon your point of view) working on a book about grace-filled leadership, featuring principles learned from women who are transforming lives and communities in the U.S. and a number of developing countries around the world. The book also includes the one defining and essential trait that all the women share.

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