I find joy in telling stories that change stories.  A former marketing and communications executive, I now share my 30 years of creative leadership with faith-based organizations around the world, where I’m honored to gather words and images that inspire others to action. I’m also a writer, blogger, and speaker – sharing battle-tested wisdom about leadership, advocacy marketing, and finding God in the most beautiful and painful of circumstances.

You’ll find my words in Everbloom: Stories of Deeply Rooted and Transformed Lives, and discover what drives my passion in “For You, Love,” the prayer journal that invites you to respond.

I’m currently writing Building Eden: The Principles of Grace-filled Leadership. In this book, you’ll meet women who believe restoration is a reality on earth as it is in heaven. You’ll discover timeless and boundless truths about leadership. These women have changed me, and I know they will change you too.

Let’s talk about working together. 

Here’s a little more about me and what you’ll find here. 

While my articles focus on in-the-trenches leadership, the delicate balance of justice and mercy, and a God who attends to the smallest of details, my blog is a peek into my very personal days. Maybe you could say I’m collecting memories for a future memoir.

Sometimes the words are poetic and sometimes they’re raw and incomplete. My prayer is that they might encourage you a little, because I believe with all my heart that we’re in this together – living a life that is beautiful and awful and wrapped in threads of hope. I am hopelessly addicted to that Hope.

You’ll find my personal moments here, as a misfit mystic and creative insomniac who loves Jesus but stumbles about rather than follows Him easily.  You’ll read stories about my journey with the broken and rejected in this world – because I find myself growing more and more comfortable breathing in dirt and diesel than I do wearing diamonds, and I believe every life has redemption found deep within it. And you’ll find a few recipes, because kitchen therapy is good for my soul, and I bet it’s good for yours too.

An Oklahoma gal by birth, I am now situated in the Lone Star State, along with my husband Brad and rescue pup Pearl. While the Texas Hill Country may be where I hang my hat, home for me is anywhere my heart finds its beat – from Arizona where my precious little Rock quarry lives to hope-filled places around the world.



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