One Woman Can Change The World

We live in a time of unprecedented change when it comes to women’s lives. All around the world, women are demanding the safety, respect, and opportunities they have always deserved but seldom grasped. Have you ever stopped to wonder, “Where do I fit into this story?”

Ronne Rock is a good person to ask. In this stirring book, she takes you on a global adventure to discover your divine design as a woman of influence and impact. Through powerful and personal stories of women in Africa, Asia, the Americas, and the Caribbean, you’ll learn what it means to lead in a world where leadership isn’t easy, how to serve with grace in cultures that aren’t always graceful, and how to embrace your God-given physical, emotional, and spiritual DNA. As you discover the lives of real women who are influencing their communities with grace and gumption–even in countries where oppression weighs most heavily–you’ll feel inspired to reclaim your God-designed influence and impact right where you are.

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What people are saying about
One Woman Can Change the World

"Ronne Rock is the real deal, and so are the people she's featured in this book. The stories inside will serve as an encouragement to dare beyond what you thought was possible. Get ready for a new look at the influence you have in your world and your neighborhood."

Jon Acuff, New York Times bestselling author

"May this book inspire you to see Jesus as that pearl of great price and to say yes to whatever it is He's calling you to so that you can fulfill your purpose, which is to glorify His wondrous Name through the work of justice he has prepared beforehand."

Aixa de López, international speaker, president of Latin America Christian Alliance for Orphans, and author of Lágrimas Valientes

"An incredible word weaver who engages the reader with raw truth, Ronne's stories will thoroughly draw you in, making you feel like the women whose tales she tells are right in your living room. She shows miraculous grace in the midst of devastating circumstances, reminding women that our God is the God of the ampersand, the God of also/and, not either/or. She proves that each of us can change the world if we're willing to simply go."

Kate Battistelli, speaker, mentor, and author of The God Dare and Growing Great Kids

"One Woman Can Change the World is filled to the brim with stories of everyday women displaying heroic faith in difficult situations. Come and learn what it means to be a hope-filled woman in your context through the beauty of these Christian women from around the world. Inspiring!”

Mary DeMuth, author of forty books, including Outrageous Grace Every Day

Goodreads Reviews

Beautifully written book that will spur your hands to do the very work that stirs your heart. When you finish the last page you will feel you know the real life heroes ...

Wow! What an inspirational read! This book is a beautiful reminder that my impact on this world doesn’t come from a perfect, instagram-able life ...

This book is inviting, magnificent, delightful, inspiring, and a great reminder of how beautifully and purposefully God has designed women. It's absolutely incredible ...