The Slow Miracles of Love and Time.

Mar 31

There are miracles we don’t likely notice. Things like the power of touch, the tenderness of time, the healing found in connection, the beauty of kindness.

I remember as a kid longing to be swept up and held, wishing my dad would hug me and tell me he loved me.

Hugs are amazing things.

Words are powerful things.

My soul is hungry to celebrate all that is divine in the daily – all that Jesus offered and still offers, all that we offer when we simply yield to the miracle of love we are given through Him.

My soul is hungry to celebrate the miracles we don’t likely notice.

Today, I’m considering the stories of three people who stumbled through grace rather than boldly proclaim it as their own. Nicodemus, Peter, and Thomas. I feel a bond to each of them.

I called myself a ChristStumbler for years. I have never been…

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