take heart (the year of gathering)

Apr 10

The caption on the InstaStory read,”Today I had some meetings, wrote some content, said farewell to a little piece of my identity for nigh on 8 years, and savored wine with my hubs. All in all, today will do.”

Not long after, the messages started.

“Not sure what’s going on, but I’m here.”
“Did you leave Orphan Outreach?”
“Here’s my phone number. I’ll miss you being around!”

I’m not a tapper-outer by nature. My mom used to laugh at me and say, “You’d ride a horse until dust is blowing off its bones.” She also taught me that the phrase was “hell in a hen basket” and that things didn’t amount to a row of beans, rather than a hill.

I honestly worried about those hens for years.

I’m still at Orphan Outreach, and pray to be there as long as the welcome is extended. I’ve not left social media (clearly, since I’m now writing this…

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