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Meet Ronne

We’re in this together, and I am for you.

Call me your spiritual aunty, the one who you can trust with the hard conversations. I am your encourager, helping you remember what is true and trustworthy.

I walk and keep walking. Cheer and keep cheering. You see, I believe that you are hand-crafted by God for a life that is rich and vibrant and filled with stories. That’s why I invest, and dive deep to remind you of how beautifully you are formed.

Consider our time together an ongoing conversation about life and love and what a powerful thing it is to be fully human, and also fully the image and likeness of our Creator. I cherish most the stories that I witness being written in the lives of women like you and me – women who reveal the power to restore the breaches around them. God holds the pen in those stories. He delights in those stories.

He delights in you.

I share those stories with you—because those stories will be your story too, and I can’t wait to celebrate your story with the world.

I offer hope for you, my purpose-weary warrior, and help you see God’s absolute delight in your design. I am a mouthpiece of celebration for women. Redemption is our theme.

weary of trying to find

your purpose and calling?

here's God-designed hope for you!

Discovering your “why” might seem an overwhelming task. But here’s a beautiful thing—your life itself is filled with hints to your purpose and place. That divine calling is far more than a job you might hold. It’s the way God Himself has crafted you to love and serve others well—at home, at work, in your community, and around the world.

Use this guide to provide you with some great glimpses into how God has uniquely designed YOU!

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Ronne is the work-life contributor for Joyful Life Magazine.

You'll also find her articles at The Redbud Post, Orange Leaders, The Mudroom, Scraping Raisins, QARA, and more.

Ronne is a member of Hope*Writers and Redbud Writers Guild.

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give is more than receive
lose is more than save
lambs are stronger than lions
words are stronger than weapons
water becomes wine
weakness becomes strength
death becomes life
love confounds hate
the smallest flicker of light shatters darkness