(she squirms a little as she clicks “paste” to place the list in this note).

This year, if all works out, I will have the privilege of turning 50. I’m not sure why, but I’ve been excited about the number for years now. Perhaps it’s because each decade of my life thus far has been better, richer, and more fulfilling than the last. Perhaps it’s because, according to fashion and beauty magazines, “50 is the new 30.” Or perhaps it’s simply because it’s an easy number to remember.

I’ve got about 9 months (give or take a few weeks) of 49 left. So I thought it would be fun, rather than do resolutions and such this year, to craft a list of the 50 things I want to do before I turn 50. This is NOT a bucket list – in fact, penning that gem is on this list. So don’t expect to read things like “time-travel” or “climb Mount Everest” here. Rather, this is a compilation of random things that will make me smile, well up with tears, laugh a little, or just simply be struck speechless. There is a bonus list that remains unpublished – just a few things between my Lord and me – but by request, here is my “50 Before 50” list.

(one last squirm)

1.Make a Torta Chelena from scratch.
2.Sing karaoke at a dive bar.
3.Take a road trip with friends. At least three days. I know, three days and we could still be in Texas.
4.Travel at least 500 miles just to have a great dinner.
5.Be published. And not just in a trade publication (I’ve done that before).
6.Travel internationally for ministry.
7.Travel internationally for pleasure.
8.Learn to wakeboard.
9.Complete Rosetta Stone Spanish.
10.Learn sign language.
11.Clean every junk drawer in the house.
12.Get the bike off the garage wall and ride it regularly (mileage goal to be determined). Even think about doing a bike ride for charity.
13.Attend another Becoming an Outdoorswoman weekend.
14.Tandem sky dive (I have a friend who said he would join me on this one).
15.Get my rear in gear and lose that last pesky 10(ish) pounds.
16.Visit 20 small towns in Texas, and actually learn something about each of them. (Participating in a cattle drive on a dude ranch would be a wonderful way to visit one of those towns).
17.Read a minimum of 20 books.
18.Crash a large, prestigious event.
19.Hand-write letters to 25 friends, just to let them know how I feel about them.
20.Learn the basics about football – plays, penalties and such – so I won’t feel like a complete moron when I watch the game.
21.Help start something that’s big enough to garner media attention.
22.Learn to dance with my husband. Yes, I’m cashing in that coupon.
23.Build something with my own hands.
24.Redecorate the master bedroom.
25.See my sister Deb again.
26.Attend the OU/A&M; game completely decked out in fan attire. Face makeup and all. (Yes, this will take place a few weeks after my official birthday, but still makes the list).
27.Visit my mother-in-law. By myself.
28.Effectively launch a business. Either mine or someone else’s.
29.Act again. On stage.
30.Read the Bible. (I know – that one’s a little bit cheating).
31.Get accepted into Grad School.
32.Learn to Sabbath.
33.Rediscover the beauty of personal time – a long, soaking bath, a facial, soft music and relaxation.
34.Attend a silent retreat.
35.Get a tattoo.
36.Write my bucket list.
37.Go to a berry farm and pick berries in the sunshine. Then eat them all.
38.Give all the cash in my purse to a homeless person. Maybe twice.
39.Write poetry again, like I used to.
40.Walk in the pouring rain, for fun.
41.Have a picnic. An honest-to-goodness fried chicken picnic, with lawn darts and Frisbee and naps on quilts. With at least 10 friends.
42.Attend at least 5 networking events.
43.Host a radio or television show. Even if it’s only one time.
44.Watch the sunrise with my husband on Lake Travis. That’s right – sunRISE.
45.Go ice fishing.
46.Visit at least two new states (Oregon, the Dakotas, Wyoming, Idaho, the Carolinas, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Iowa, Nebraska, and West Virginia are options – oh yeah, and Alaska and Hawaii)
47.Visit at least one new country (an abundance to choose from).
48.Host an “adopted sons” reunion at CasaRock. We have many.
49.Direct a music video. And a live stage production to go with it.
50.Sail the ocean blue. OK, just go sailing – anywhere.

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