We’ve got company at CasaRock! And that deserves a sweet welcome.

You see, this isn’t just any company – our friends who are missionaries in Argentina are enjoying a little respite, and we get to spoil them for a few days. Alisha and David lived with us for a few weeks before beginning their international journey eight years ago, and in 2009 I got to spend some incredible time ministering with them in Corrientes, a city about 11 hours north of Buenos Aires. It was there I bounced on a floating island, came thisclose to capybaras and alligators, fell in love with a veggie dish called Quibebe, which then became a song their son Eli and I made up to say we were happy (I’ll share the recipe – but probably not the song –  sometime). and saw the love of God transform the lives of the poor and needy. While in Argentina, Alisha and David were blessed with the miraculous love of two adopted sons, Eli and Nico. So this visit is a true celebration of friendship – and family.

A batch of milk chocolate brownies, some Peanut Butter Miracles, and my dear friend Susie’s incredible Buttermilk Pie are baked and ready for snacking with a hot cup of coffee or a cold glass of milk. Eli and I have already sung the Quibebe song. It is indeed a happy time.

And since it’s a party of sorts, I’ve made a pitcher of Sparkling Mint Lemonade. It’s refreshing and simple and  – well, perfect for summer days and nights. David says it’s addictive – and he’s right.  I’ve served it at brunches, lunches, happy hours, and slumber parties, and the recipe has been given to friend after friend. So, since this weekend is a celebration of friends, I want to share the recipe with you so you can feel like you’re part of the party too. In fact, why don’t you come on over and join us – there is a piece of pie waiting just for you.




1 container Crystal Light Lemonade

2 quarts Topo Chico (this is mineral water that’s made in Mexico – though you can make this lemonade with other mineral waters, there is NOTHING as good at Topo Chico)

1 orange, sliced

1 lemon, sliced

1 lime, sliced

10-12 mint leaves


Place fruit in the bottom of a pitcher and add mint leaves. Muddle; then remove mint leaves (you can leave them in for a bit of color, but the flavor is extracted well when you muddle them). Add lemonade mix and topo chico. Chill and serve. Celebrate.

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