There are times you just need to put that “eating plan” aside and savor the moment.

And this is a moment-maker.

My friend Courtney and I call this frosting “damn good buttercream,” because well – it is (OK, you can call it “dang” or “really” if you’d like). Trust me. It’s the best frosting you’ll eat – with only four ingredients needed. But you have to follow the directions exactly as they’re written. Don’t even think about using margarine or regular milk. And for the love, please don’t use powdered sugar made from anything but pure cane sugar. Most every cake you’ll see posted on Instagram or here in Kitchen Therapy has this crazy-amazing frosting.

The Best Buttercream Cupcake

The first time I shared this recipe with the folks reading Susie’s blog, I was making cupcakes for a princess. She was a little thing – only three years old – and I had never met her until the cupcakes were delivered to a park for a party. Here’s the story:


The little princess was with her family enjoying a few late summer fun moments at the beach when wildfires broke out in Central Texas. Though firefighters fought valiantly, the blaze was too powerful and too fast. Her home was destroyed. With the help of neighbors, churches, and businesses, her parents found a place to live, clothing to wear, and food to eat. Then her dad shared a secret. “The little princess has a birthday in just a few days.”

Quickly, women in the neighborhood went to work, creating the most wonderful birthday party ever, with balloons and gifts and even a bouncy house. Because she was a princess, it only seemed fitting that her cakes be topped with pink crowns and sprinkled with pixie dust. Every last cupcake disappeared that day at the park – along with the ache of loss. The princess celebrated what was to come. Better days had begun, and there better days ahead.

Because the best moments do that. They celebrate beginnings and help our aches disappear.


So, here you go. That famous recipe for damn good buttercream. Enjoy. Celebrate. Make a moment.

Damn Good Buttercream

1 cup salted butter (2 sticks), softened at room temperature

about 3 cups powdered sugar (cane sugar is better than beet sugar for this frosting)

2 teaspoons clear vanilla (you can find it at Michael’s or WalMart)

about 2 T.heavy whipping cream (this makes it magic)

In tall mixing bowl, cream butter and slowly add powdered sugar. Continue to beat on low speed, adding sugar, until mixture is stiff (it may start to look a bit like dough or break into pebble-sized portions). Add vanilla and cream to create a smooth, creamy consistency. Depending upon the type of sugar used and the weather outside, you may need more or less sugar and cream. It’s OK to make adjustments – just keep that mixer speed low to make the most beautiful, creamy buttercream. And if you want to put a little flavor in it, it’s cool. Just trade the vanilla for your flavoring, but be sure to use a light hand and add more as needed!

Covers 1- 8” cake, 24 regular cupcakes or 72 mini-cupcakes


Grab a cookie and sample a bit of that frosting; then adorn your cake or cupcakes and share with your own royalty.


This recipe was originally shared on Susie Davis’ blog. You’ll find beautiful stories, images, and a whole lot of love there.

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