Shoot like a Girl | Holding (#31days)


Day 9: Near the US border.

Ten days in Kenya. Six days in Guatemala. And just enough hours between them to do a load of laundry and collect a few long, warm hugs like the rarest of coins. And now there are more hours awaiting me before another trip – this time to Jamaica. The bird that’s carrying my weary frame begins its slow descent toward the United States.

And then, it turns. And the shoreline signifying respite and refreshing disappears from view.

Holding pattern.



So close to home. So close to feet on familiar soil. So close to kisses from my husband and an evening snuggled on the sofa with the pup and stories about all that God is doing on this divine whirlwind of a journey.

To my right, there are groans of frustration. But to my left, there is beauty that will never be recreated. The wing tilts up and I see clouds, sun, our own jet stream. Then it tilts down and I see the outline of the shore and the sky’s shadows on the glistening water.

One. Two. Three times. With each circle, there is fresh nuanced beauty. Beauty that says “This is part of your journey too. Savor it.”

Far too often, I’ve been the one to groan. I’ve been the one to complain about the circling, the waiting. I’ve stomped my feet and puffed up my chest and demanded to get to the destination because I certainly know what’s best for my life, my purpose, my calling. And I’ve been blind to the joy of the journey that’s found in the holding patterns, the diversions, the “not quite yet.”

I’m learning to embrace them. Because there’s beauty to be found there too.


If you’re new to my blog, welcome. My #31days project is me embracing a diversion after my computer was stolen just two hours after returning home from Kenya. The computer was filled with stories and photos, work projects and memoir. “Shoot like a Girl” is giving my heart breathing room as I share stories of the photos I still have and photos I’m still taking – because there’s beauty to be found there too. 

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8 thoughts on “Shoot like a Girl | Holding (#31days)”

  1. Gosh, I am loving your series! Your words and your photos both are beautiful, as are the thoughts you are sharing!

    For a long time, I felt like I was in a holding pattern, waiting for my real life to begin. But it’s all real life. I’m trying not to forget that now and to live every moment, even the ones spent waiting.

  2. I love this challenge to slow down and appreciate where I am, and the beauty God has created around me. This is a beautiful post! So glad I found you today!

  3. Ever since the death of my daughter, I’m learning how to appreciate more in life because it’s too short. I like how you are picking up and moving forward. This has given me strength today as I grieve.

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