Day 39: Behind the lens.

I had it all figured out. If there would be ever something truly important to share with the world, I would write the words and someone else would take the pictures – someone far more qualified to follow the rules of thirds and isolate subjects perfectly and ensure the colors were just right.

The two were like dance for me. I was a writer – ebbing and flowing like bare-footed modern – while photographers were precise and technical like ballet.


And so I took pictures to accompany my stories – pictures that looked a whole lot more like modern dance. And I waited for a ballerina to come and make everything right.

And then, one day, she was there. The ballerina. She looked at me and smiled. “Do you know what I like the most about your stories?” she said. “Your pictures.” I looked at her, puzzled. “Oh, but you must be mistaken. I’m waiting for a photographer to come and make my stories beautiful.”


“No, my love. Your pictures ARE visual stories- you see story. And do you know what I see? I see color. Your stories are full of color.” And the ballerina taught me something more than rules. She taught me to reframe – not what was being captured in the lens, but the way I viewed myself behind it.


Oh, I still love the ballet beauty of a photographer, but this ballerina taught me that the way I dance is good. She breathed fresh life into my story by breathing life into the ways I tell stories. And I will forever be in her debt.

I pray today a ballerina walks into your life and helps you reframe what you see.

(A little bonus today – another who has helped me to reframe what I know about love. His #lovenotes have inspired, encouraged, cheered, lifted, and caffeinated me.)


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