I sit here and stare at the undone all around me. There are “month at a glance” charts, half-written book chapters, a summer marketing plan, new client projects, layouts that need to be developed so the collective can go to press, a new logo and a website redesign, travel plans that need to be finalized, and those pesky last 10 pounds that need to be shed once and for all – all clamoring for attention. There are most certainly lists to be made and things to be done. New challenges and new dreams and new plans. What’s next is always relentless in its demands on now.

I take a sip of coffee and sigh deeply. My heart begins to pound out an SOS. (It’s loud – do you hear it?)

I’ve got so much tomorrow piling in on my today.

But all I’ve got – all WE’VE got is today. I have breath for today. And should I try to breathe for tomorrow or next month, I’ll find myself dizzy and disoriented. Because I have breath for today. I have life for today.


So this is my pledge for today. I will inhale fully. And exhale gracefully. And on this day – this one in particular – I’m going to rebel. I’m going to leave the undone to itself and frolic a bit. I’m going to snuggle in on my husband’s arm and enjoy enjoy frivolous, fearless, joy-filled Southern Comfort moments. I am going to sing songs loudly and off-key as we weave our way through the Tennessee countryside. I am going to laugh riotously with my dear friend Migdalia as we pick up our packets for a half-marathon we are both woefully unprepared for but have made the commitment to complete by dancing and skipping and running when the mood strikes.   I am going to eat something laden with butter and love and no guilt because love covers a multitude of sins. I am going to soak in sunshine like a luxurious bath as I let my heart flip through the pages of faces of people who need to soak in that sunshine too.

And I’m going to see the stories. Because there are so many stories. And the stories will remind me of why the undone is actually a most beautiful mess.

That beautiful mess will be there waiting for me. And I will rejoice in it. But today, I rebel.

Want to join me?

Tell me how you’re going to rebel today, so I can celebrate with you! 

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