#kitchentherapy for the holidays: DESSERT YUM

It’s been a while since I’ve gotten to really enjoy time in the kitchen at CasaRock, what with travel and all. But the holidays are here, and I’m ready to have folks at the table. And to be honest, this girl could use some #KitchenTherapy. There’s something healing that happens when we create comfort food for others, and something redemptive that happens when we sit and share a meal.


You’re invited to CasaRock, you know. Good food and free wifi await.

Rather than rummage through the various posts about recipes here in #KitchenTherapy, I’ve decided to make things easy for myself – and for you.  We’re going to start with some great holiday desserts. Every one is tested and approved by friends and family. There are even more desserts to be found on the blog – but these win for making things merry and bright! Enjoy!


French Toast Cupcakes


Who doesn’t want a beautiful little cupcake swirled with streusel topping, piped with amazing buttercream and sprinkled with cinnamon sugar love? I’ve fed my feelings more than once with these – and I’ve served them for brunch, because dessert makes every meal better.

Tennessee Honey Carrot Cake


When the old-timer at Jack Daniel’s distillery told me that whiskey could be used in place of vanilla in recipes, I might have danced a little jig. He wasn’t lying – we’ve used it in countless desserts now. And the best whiskey for desserts (and for sipping while making them) it Tennessee Honey. This carrot cake is perfection with a little kick.

Dirty Little Angels


Lovely sea salt caramel brownies tucked inside a delicate vanilla cupcake and covered with rich mocha frosting. They take a bit of time to make, but they are indeed worth the wait! There are two GREAT cheats featured in the recipe to speed things up a bit!

Elvis’ Pound Cake


I have no idea if the King of Rock & Roll ever ate this pound cake for real – but if he did, I guarantee he would have loved it. You’ve got to follow the instructions to the LETTER with this one, so give yourself time, put on “Love Me Tender,” and have fun baking!

Penelope’s Oreo Cupcakes


A little friend taught me how to make these, and they’re requested time and time again! If you’re short on time, grab a good quality chocolate cake mix, 1 package of instant chocolate pudding, 1 cup sour cream, ½ cup water, ½ vegetable oil, and 3 eggs – mix and bake according to package directions and you’ll be amazed at how moist and decadent the cupcakes are!



Peanut Butter Miracles 


I’ve been making this since I was in 4th grade. They truly are a simple and DELICIOUS cookie that is gluten-free, grain-free, and dairy-free. I still don’t have a clue how the ingredients make a cookie, but that doesn’t stop me from believing in miracles. These are a great kid-friendly recipe too. Four ingredients and you’re ready!



Rustic Apple Tart (or Gallete de Pomme, if you want to be fancy)


I’ve used this recipe to make both sweet and savory tarts that are always loved and always eaten. Ready-made pie crust in the refrigerator section can be used when you’re in a time-crunch!

Buttermilk Pie and Rustic Cranberry Apple Pie



My friend, Migdalia, asked what my favorite holiday pie is. It’s a toss-up between these two – a family recipe given me by Susie Davis, and a cranberry-apple pie recipe that is honestly addictive (even if you’re not an apple pie fan). Both of these will be made – and inhaled – over the holidays. There is no shame.

Amazing Southern Pecan Pie


Growing up, my dad always requested pecan pie. Growing up, I always hated to make them because they were so messy and syrupy and such. But this one is really lovely. And it uses NO Karo syrup. Love.

Awesome Delicious Peach Cobbler


It is. Trust me. This batter-based cobbler is easy to make and “awesome delicious” to eat (that phrased was coined by a little girl years ago when the cobbler and a meal were delivered to her house after her mommy had her baby brother). Want to make the moment even better? Grab a little caramel sauce and drizzle it over the top!

More recipes are on their way – a slew of cranberry goodness, some yummy breakfast treats, tasty ways to cook and serve meat, and even some snacks! Now, share YOUR favorite dessert recipes with me. I always love trying new things as part of #kitchentherapy!


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