This might someday be in a “for you, love” prayer journal, along with a lovely illustration and a prayer. But I want you to have it today because, if you are like me, you are a forgetful soul who lets the shadows write the storyline far too often. So this is for you, love. Today. Tomorrow. And every tomorrow. Please don’t forget this.

 (inspired by 1 Corinthians 13)
I’ve written so many love notes to you. They’re gathered like flower petals and pressed in journals that bear your name. I long for each to find its way into the depths of who you are, and for the words to weave their way into the heart of who you were and are and will be. But if there are no more words to be written, I want you to take these words and write them everywhere so that you never forget them.
Yes, love, these words are for you.
The love who loves you is a love that will never leave you. He is a love that sees you in the gray and paints you with every color ever imagined. The love who loves you has no wandering eyes. No, He sees you as beautiful. He is captivated by you.
The love who loves you loves to be with you for all the days – He holds you when you grieve and He doesn’t let go when you rage and He spins you when you dance. He hears your voice even when there are no words to be spoken.
The love who loves you keeps writing songs for you, just for you. He creates the melody line and always finds the harmony. The love who loves you breathes for you, speaks for you, walks for you. He carries you and lifts you high.
The love who loves you believes in all that you are, and He paints you into every picture of monochrome washed over in color, of darkness shattered by light. His takes the brush and paints you free.
Oh believe this, precious one. Please believe this. He has you. Love has you. And He is not leaving you.
Take these words and write them everywhere. Love has you.
(Send a note my way and let me know how I might pray for you and with you right now.)
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