It seems I’d have taken a better picture of the moment, what with a phone that helps me document most everything these days. But instead, I’ve got an IG story screen with a list of things to do on an unexpected layover, and a picture I randomly sent to a friend to let her know I had finally made it to London.

I’ve not shared this story publicly. But today, I need to remember July 14, 2018. Only four days before, my book proposal had been given the thumbs-up from my agent. We had talked about dream publishers, and she started sending out pitches while I packed my bags for a long journey to India. “You shouldn’t hear from me until you get home. These things take time, and there will likely be rejection,” she said. “Do what you love, be present, pour your heart out. God’s got this.” Less than 3 hours later, she messaged me. There was interest, and the proposal might even make it to an acquisitions board meeting. On Friday the 13th, I heard from her as I sat at the airport. “They love it. It’s moving on to pub board. There are just a few things that need to be added to the proposal. I’ve told them that you’re in India, so it will be a while…”.

Why am I sharing this? Today, I need the reminder that sometimes we don’t have all the creative trappings around us, sometimes we don’t have the luxury of time or a perfect cup of something, sometimes we don’t have experts or confidants to coach us. Sometimes, all we have is a whispered prayer and a little gumption to gather up the ideas. Sometimes, all we have is a few stolen moments and an uncomfortable chair. Sometimes, brainstorming feels more like a whirlwind of “holy wow – I hope this works.” On July 14th, I sat in an airport and wrote alternative titles and subtitles, along with a few ideas for marketing. It was just me, the chair, a guy snoring loudly in the corner, and Jesus. I sent an email, closed my computer, and flew to the Himalayas (you can join me there this July, by the way).

There was silence. And then, on July 30th, there was an offer.

Today, let’s let the ideas come. Let’s treasure them, however they arrive. God’s got this. He does.

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