Hi. I’m Ronne Rock, and I’m a writer.
I’m not going to tell you about my progress, about any accomplishments or how I might get from idea to written word.
Instead, I want you to close your eyes and think about time.
This morning, I lost another high school friend. The list grows longer every year, and at my last high school reunion, the memorial wall was pretty full. Syd was a brawny football player with a cowboy’s heart and a kind soul. He’s younger than me, not that I can stake claim to the term “young” anymore. There’s a lot of laughter living on my face these days, and the blonde of my hair is taking on a more silver hue. I wrote once that the 20s don’t last, and that’s a good thing. They’re replaced by the 30s and then the 40s and then the…you get the idea. Each decade brings with it new fragility—and God’s fresh mercy and grace. Oh, that grace. It’s the good stuff.
You who see the decades ahead of you as ominous and foreboding, take a breath. You who see the decades behind you as missed wishes and squandered moments, breathe too. Time progresses whether you want it to or not.
So, my question for you is this: what are you doing with this very present time you’ve been given? Time loves to be taken, invested, given. But most of all, time loves to be redeemed. Today, take time, invest time, give time. Don’t wait for another time before you do the things that are nudging your heart. Write, draw, sing, dance, cook, serve, teach, pray, love big, pour out and pour in. Embrace the time as it progresses, and watch God redeem the time missed and the time not yet seen.
Your time here is worthy. And we’re in this together.
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