The Writing Life – The Ideas Swirling.

I have a friend who says “list me” in an attempt to smooth thought-tangles into straight lines. I’m not sure it truly works, but it does give permission for those thoughts to be what they are in their beginnings, with little rhyme or reason or order—yet with purpose. So in this quiet moment before the day crowds in with its demands, I’ll sip my coffee and say “list me” to myself, because there are so many ideas swirling about in my head.

There are perhaps-maybe-might-be more books living within me, golden-child fables and the streetwise beauty of amazing grace, the deep and abiding friendship of grief (yes, friendship), the dance of finite days and learning to love lines where laughter has lived, and the collection of #kitchentherapy moments wrapped in freshly baked milk bread with delicate Acacia honey. Maybe one of those ideas could become a novel, or perhaps more perfectly a tender and well-timed love note.

I believe my purpose is to tell stories that change stories. But what if my purpose is to begin an idea that someone else brings to life? What if I am really here to be a catalyst or conduit, to cheer and to connect and to live in the wings rather than ever on the stage? Could I be content with that? Thankful with that? I pray I would say “yes.”

I wish English was better with its words. Of all the languages, we seem to be stuck with the one that is the most limiting and most open to interpretation. We don’t have “let’s define this a little more” variations on words like “friend” and “love” and “care” so we have to add so many more words to our words until things get cluttered. I want my words to be decluttering, clear-a-path gifts. I would say the most precious things to lift your heart.

That’s a rather kind idea, right?

Today, I hope I remember that I am not half as important as I may think I am.

Today, I hope I remember I am worth infinitely more because of Whose I am.

Today, I hope you remember your infinite worth too. That is a most glorious idea. And of all the ideas swirling, I think it’s the one I like the most.

This is day four of my #hopewriterlife, and the theme is #IDEA.

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