“We love words, right GiGi?”

I smile, and say, “Yes, Sawyer. We are words people.”

Sawyer is my grandson, and his presence makes my heart melt. From the time he was a wee thing, he’s loved the power of story. I pray he always loves words. I pray he understands their power to work good in the hearts and lives of people.

Sawyer is one of the few folks in my family who asks what I am writing, and then waits to hear me read the words. He never asks if the story is a 2-minute read, or if I could simply summarize the key points. He may not understand the nuance found in every word, but he delights in listening. And there is nothing quite like snuggling close at night as quiet moves into the room, and letting his voice read from books like The Prayer Tree.

“Nothing can be loved at speed. God lead us to the slow path.”

I pray he learns to love well. And I pray he learns to be loved too.

I pray space will be made for his imagination, for his voice, for his creativity, for stories to be written and written and written again. I pray that, as the world demands he count words, he counts his steps instead—faithful to follow God’s footlights.

“Nothing can be loved at speed. God lead us to the slow path.”

I think about all the things I’ve tried to love fast—people and jobs and passions. But real love isn’t measured in minutes, nor can it be distilled into summaries. Love finds space for dreams to take root. Real love—the love that endures and sacrifices and sees beauty and says, “you first” —is a tree with the deepest of roots that give it strength to survive and keep blooming. I’m learning that the slow path, with its twists and vistas and shadows and detours, is filled with the richest of love. And I’m learning to walk that path with family, with friends, with every gift and opportunity and burden God has given me.

Yes, I’m learning to count my steps rather than my words, so that my words may count for something more—they may reveal love. I pray the same for Sawyer. I pray the same for you. Let your words count. Nothing can be loved at speed. God lead us to the slow path.

This is day five of my #hopewritelife, and the theme is #wordcount.

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