Let’s Quiet Time.

You know, those words are teachers. Quiet time.

A description.

A command.

A miracle, really.

God breathes space into the small moments we offer so we may breathe His life into the day we give others.

My liturgy is a little reading, a little writing, a little prayer, and always contemplating at least one thing I’ve discovered in the stillness.

It’s in the quiet times that I’ve learned so much about the delight of being a woman, the rest that comes in being loved, and the tenderness of living in the tension of sorrow and joy. Right now, it’s all about the scriptures that tell you and me how beautiful we’ll be when gray hair becomes our crown. Those scriptures are encouragement and hope for present and future days. They are inspiring some things on the adventure list. Yes, it’s growing.

Oh, and coffee. Did I mention coffee?

Coffee is part of the liturgy. Because giving thanks for what He has done includes giving thanks for all He has created. Guatemalan and Honduran coffee are high on the list of creations I applaud.

I applaud Him for you too. You are so very high on the list.

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We're in this together, and I am for you. I secure road signs with a hammer of hope, and clear the debris so they can be seen. I am your encourager. I walk and keep walking. Cheer and keep cheering. I invest, dive deep, and cherish most the stories being written in the lives of women who believe restoration is a reality on earth as it is in heaven. God holds the pen in those stories, “That one - I hold her. And that one - she is My delight. And that one - never snatched away.”  I am a mouthpiece of celebration for women. Redemption is our song. You can find even more encouragement in  "For You, Love" the prayer journals that invite you to respond, and in Everbloom, a collection of stories from the Redbud Writers Guild. I'm currently writing One Woman Can Change the World, set to publish late spring 2020 (Revell). I'm honored to be represented by Credo Communications.

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