Quiet time. It’s a description. A noun. A command. A miracle, really.

I’ve talked about the liturgy of the quiet moments in my life—a little prayer, a little writing, a little contemplating the divine mystery of things like grace and mercy and stillness. A friend encouraged me to dive deeper into everything quiet time is (and what it’s not). You’d think perhaps I’d begin with a description, a how-to, a primer on bible studies and leather journals. But no.

I’ll begin with the miracle. Because it all begins with the miracle.

Quiet time is a garden in the cool of the afternoon, and the glorious God of eternity calling our name because He loves to hear our voice. That’s how it began with Him—simple walks and a good day’s conversation. He breathed life into humanity and found His joy in that everyday life.

It was in the garden of Eden that He called and humanity hid, angry and ashamed and overwhelmed. And so it often is with us. God calls and we hide. We let the days get the best of us. We grow frustrated that things are not going according to plan or that a child’s not cooperating or that our weight on the scales is not as it should be or that there is never enough of all that is needed to make our lives more than enough.

And all the while God calls. He says, “I’m here, ready for a good conversation—in the kitchen or closet or backyard or car. You’ll find a garden awaits.” No, He doesn’t mind. He understands. As Father, He knows the weight of a million little things. As Redeemer, He knows the days that nobody understands. As Savior, He knows the hope so easily crushed. He calls, and He delights in the sound of your voice. Yes, this is the miracle—that quiet time is not bound by map or clock or calendar. It’s not complicated. Miracles rarely are. Quiet time is God’s own invitation and our simple “yes.” It is a garden and a walk. It is the miracle of a good day’s conversation with the God who delights in us.

Tell me about what good conversation means to you. And let me know how I may pray for you today. Prayer is conversation too. Prayer is another one of the miracles.

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