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I’ve lived a lot of life and am likely older than most of the folks who will read One Woman Can Change The World. And I watch friends post stories about what to prepare for in our forties, our fifties, and beyond. The articles shared are nearly always for women. In fact, doing a quick (and highly unscientific) Google search, I discovered that the number of articles for women addressing challenges associated with everything from success to dating to growing older is ten to one compared to those same types of articles for men.

The articles are written by women in cultures that place pressure on women to slay every day but never to age, never to change, never to evolve. They talk about those things as if they are enemies.

Everything takes a toll. The things we define as beautiful are stripped away. The things we define as powerful are weakened.

What might happen if we reimagine our lives a bit, if we truly see ourselves as God-designed in every way? What might happen if we choose to trust a Creator who delights in our existence and doesn’t view us as the clumsy exception to His exclamation of THIS IS VERY GOOD.

I want you to read the book, not because I want you to know me. I want you to read it because I want you to embrace the God who has truly designed you for influence and impact right where you are. I want you to be encouraged, be challenged, be given wings to soar even as He covers you with His wings of care. I want you to hold hands with the women around the world who believe restoration is a reality right here on earth as it is in Heaven.

I will offer You my grateful heart, for I am Your unique creation, filled with wonder and awe. You have approached even the smallest details with excellence; Your works are wonderful; I carry this knowledge deep within my soul. Psalm 139:14 VOICE

Thank you, Manuel Aldana Fotografia and Antonio Villegas for capturing the moments in this very special book trailer. Thank you, Revell, for believing in this book.

One Woman Can Change the World publishes 16 June 2020. You may pre-order it now wherever books are sold.

Oh, and thank you again to Hopewriters for the encouragement to share more about this writing life. Today’s theme is #reimagine. It is a most delightful way to end a week of reflection.

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One thought on “the writing life – reimagine”

  1. Ronne, I thoroughly enjoyed your “Designed with Purpose” session in the Life on Purpose Virtual Summit!! For one thing I could identify with you more than with the younger speakers talking about their babies and young children. My five (ages 28-38) are grown and living in five different states My husband and I have 10 grandkids (ages 5 months – 9 years). We haven’t seen the two babies who were born this summer, and we don’t know when we will because COVID. =( There will be no gathering for the holidays because COVID. =( I LOVED how you talked about the different ages and stages we experience in life. When I hit my 60s, I rejoiced because my mother died in her early 50s, so I’d feared an early death. Then without realizing what was happening I was turning 70. I was old!! I was depressed, to say the least. My fourth son took me to Paris and Belgium for my 70th b’day in October, 2019, which numbed the blow. Just as I was somewhat recovering from 70s phobia, I was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Did NOT see that coming. The Lord was surely with me. The tumor was accidentally found before it did much damage, and PTL it was benign! Thank you for your session. May God continue to bless you and your work. Love from your new admirer, Donna Gibson (This is not for publication. Excuse the length.)

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