Love Championed (the year of gathering)

Jun 16

I think about the moment in Genesis, the first chapter.

God, in His divinely creative glory, crafting man and woman and smiling and saying, “This is so very good.” God, cradling the yet unborn bodies of every future life, warming them with His embrace, moving them to the rhythm of His heartbeat. And then, gently, He breathes. And their lungs are filled, their souls quickened, their hearts beating a warm welcome.

We are God-breathed.

I think about that often when I think about the purpose and power of the Holy Spirit, that third person in the triune expression of all God is. Wrapped in mystery, yet familiar to all who know His presence.

Holy Spirit. Breath of God, quickening our souls, filling our lungs, strengthening our steps, giving our hearts rhythm to beat a warm welcome for all who fill the space before us.

He’s not remote; He’s near. We live and move in Him,…

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