being honest (the year of gathering)

Jul 17

I need to be honest with you about two things.

First, if you put all of the words together that have been written here and on Instagram since 2021 breathed its first breath, there is (with rare exception) a singular story.

I’ve been studying all of the definitions of the word “gather,” and if you’ve been here for any time at all, you know that. Gather is my word of the year, and dwelling in scripture to see how God delights in gathering has been exquisite.

But it’s become clear that there’s a greater and more enduring purpose.

While I pray the story is life-giving for you, the two people who I hope will one day enjoy reading it are my little ones. When we get to the final day of 2021, all the words will be sewn together and set aside for them, so that they…

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