Shoot like a Girl (#31days)

shoot like a girl

Because there are stories in every single day, I keep my eyes open.

Because moments can’t be recreated, I pray to drink them all in.

Because our stories are the stories that might bring life to new stories, I narrate transformation and hope.

This month, I’ll share 31 images that have brought hope to me. Images like this one, taken in a mud hut in Kenya. Our priority was to learn about life for a single mom and her kids in the African bush. Her priority was to give us refreshment on a hot summer day with sodas and some crisp biscuits. Her offering was sweet communion to us. Sweet humbling common union.

This month, you’ll see my heart as I show you the hearts of others who have entered my world. I’ll shoot like a girl for you. I’d love to know how these images impact your story.

Shoot like a Girl | Crayon Day 2: Kenya

Shoot like a Girl | Miracle Day 3: Guatemala

Shoot like a Girl | Background Day 4: Guatemala

Shoot like a Girl | Sabbath Day 5: anywhere you are.

Shoot like a Girl | Welcoming Day 6: Kenya

Shoot like a Girl | Bish Day 7: Texas

Shoot like a Girl | Enter Day 8: Romania

Shoot like a Girl | Holding Day 9: US border

Shoot like a Girl | Restore Day 10: Texas

Shoot like a Girl | Preciosa Day 11: Guatemala

Shoot like a Girl | Still Day 12: Anywhere you are

Shoot like a Girl | LoveNotes Day 13: Texas

Shoot like a Girl | Flight Day 14: Jamaica

Shoot like a Girl | Grace Day 15: Uganda

Shoot like a Girl | Hope Day 16: Kenya

Shoot like a Girl | Incidental Day 17: Romania

Shoot like a Girl | Labor Day 18: Jamaica

Shoot like a Girl | Drink Day 19: Anywhere you are

Shoot like a Girl | Say Yes Day 20: Romania

Shoot like a Girl | Life Day 21: Argentina

Shoot like a Girl | Reminder Day 22: Oklahoma

Shoot like a Girl | Expectant Day 23: Texas

Shoot like a Girl | Prayer Day 24: Russia

Shoot like a Girl | Fly Day 25: Kenya

Shoot like a Girl | Simplicity Day 26: Anywhere you are

Shoot like a Girl | Here Day 27: Romania

Shoot like a Girl | Naked Day 28: Texas

Shoot like a Girl | Found Day 29: Guatemala

Shoot like a Girl | Beautiful Day 30: Tennessee

Shoot like a Girl | Diamond Day 31: Parking lot


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We're in this together, and I am for you. I secure road signs with a hammer of hope, and clear the debris so they can be seen. I am your encourager. I walk and keep walking. Cheer and keep cheering. I invest, dive deep, and cherish most the stories being written in the lives of women who believe restoration is a reality on earth as it is in heaven. God holds the pen in those stories, “That one - I hold her. And that one - she is My delight. And that one - never snatched away.”  I am a mouthpiece of celebration for women. Redemption is our song. You can find even more encouragement in  "For You, Love" the prayer journals that invite you to respond, and in Everbloom, a collection of stories from the Redbud Writers Guild. And be sure to pre-order your copy of One Woman Can Change the World: Reclaiming Your God-Designed Influence and Impact Right Where You Are. It publishes June 16, 2020 (Revell Publishing). I'm honored to be represented by Credo Communications.

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19 thoughts on “Shoot like a Girl (#31days)”

  1. Looking forward to the next 30 days! Also… praying for the person that stole your laptop and for your heart. Grief over lost thoughts, word, and memories is very real.

  2. How has this image impacted my story? Wel… I’ve seen a lot about the #31Days challenge but knew it wasn’t the right time. This October is going to be a crazy one for me. Oh, but then I read this post. And I signed up. This should be interesting.

  3. I’m looking forward to this too, Ronne. And I might just get my WP account going today. You’ve shown me it doesn’t have to be a lot.

    1. The computer hasn’t returned yet. This project is helping me focus on what’s good and right and true – and it’s helping me to keep story alive in my heart as I rewrite the ones that were on the computer.

  4. Your stories and images always shape “our stories” whether you know it or not! Looking forward to the rest of this series!

  5. I’m a fellow 31 Day-er and I love your posts. I’m sorry about the loss of your computer, but inspired by your perseverance.

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