I’m singing this song to You, my Lord and my God, because You have saved me. I love You – You are the very strength in my bones. You are Safe Haven and High Tower and Valiant Prince who rescues. You save and keep saving and keep saving. The dragons are dead. Their shadows are fading.

They had me trapped, held down with claws against my throat. They breathed their sulfur and scorched the land around me. They laid waste all that I was and they scoffed all that I would be. They put my head under stagnant water. Dead. They named me Dead.

And with little breath, I gathered voice to say, ” {please}.” And You knew it was You I was calling. You knew it was You I longed for.

And You came.

The scorched earth beneath me trembled, the very mountains shook with every step You took. You moved the heavens aside to step my way, with beautiful powerful anger at what had become of me. You, my Lord – nothing would stop You from reaching me. Smoke bellowed and darkness fled and the sky broke apart with brilliance and fire.


And then You spoke and the heavens responded. You spoke sword against the enemies and You spoke fight against the fury. You spoke destruction against the destruction, and You spoke “all things new.”

And all grew quiet.

And then You reached for me, cradling me in Your arms. You lifted me from the ashes and the drowning. You breathed Your life into my lungs as the dragons lay bleeding. When there was only a {please}, You said, “It pleases.” And You gave me space – new space with green grass to heal the burns, new space with sunlight to calm my soul. And You smiled. Like a prince with sword bloodied from battle, You smiled. At me. The one You adored.

You adore me, my Lord. I fall to my knees in the place You have given. My hands reach for the sun that streams down. You have made my hands clean. You are my hope and I shall not stray. You are my life and I shall not leave. You are my reward and I shall not squander.

You pour out mercy and grace and healing, saying “it pleases.” You hold the humble, You cradle the breaking apart. For those who delight in dragon wing and claw, You let shadows grow. But You shatter the darkness and speak life to those named Dead.

No longer Dead. My name is changed.


I am Beloved. I am Strong. I am Bright.

You, oh God, are perfection and truth. You, oh God, are High Tower. There is not one like You, not one. Not one. I look at my back – You have made it sturdy. I look at my feet – You have made them graceful. I look at my hands – You have made them strong. And I look at the wardrobe You have woven, the weapons You have forged. You have dressed me carefully and well. Peace on my feet, salvation on my head, righteousness covering my heart, truth attending to my soul. I am glorious, Lord. You have made me glorious. Faith and hope and Your very words as I walk on solid ground. You rescued me and now say “rescue, my love.” You saved me and now say “save, my love.” And enemies fall.

I look around, and there are others – You give me eyes to see the others who are there like an army. And You give me eyes to see those who need to be told of the Rescuer, the Savior. The ones who need feel the earth tremble. The ones who need to feel the sunlight and green grass.

You are alive, Lord. That is the most glorious thought – that You are alive. Breathing still. Speaking still. High tower and sword still. Slaying and reaching and cradling still. Saving still. Saving always.

And I sing to You. I want the world to hear my song. Let my voice always find its breath. Let me always sing of Your love that never fails.  (inspired by Psalm 18)

Oh my All-Mighty, You are a God of creative wonders that break darkness and pour sunshine into our souls. Today, Father, would You let us be the story of Your rescue for another with voice that can only say {please} – would You let us be the story of Your salvation for another who feels scorched earth and the prick of the talon against their throat? Would you let us see ourselves reflected in You – let us see the peace and righteousness and truth and salvation that fit us perfectly and without flaw? Would You let us feel the weight of faith and love and hope and Your very words – and see their strength to destroy darkness? Today, Father, let us not forget that we are part of Your story that continues to be written because You are alive and breathing still and creating still in the hearts of those You love. You were and are and will continue to be High Tower.



How may I pray for you today, friend? And who is that someone you see when you think about God’s rescue? I want to pray for that person too.

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