The sound is like rain – like the soaking rains that come down gently and do no harm and stay for a while.


The leaves make that sound as they yield their life to the brilliance of yellow and red. No longer tethered tightly to the branch, they are given the liberty to make melody. Like a million little hands clapping their approval of the season that approaches, they dance on the limbs.

Before they surrender, they sing.


And then they fall to the ground, still dancing. The limbs above them, stark and gray against the sky, silenced. The season – an advent of future springs. Quietly they wait as the frost numbs. There is no nesting, there are no lovers finding shade on a warm afternoon. Yellow and gold fade to brown on the ground below, sink down to roots and become the muse for green yet to bloom.

There is a depth of divinity that can only be discovered in surrender, when the act of offering thanks for what is and what is to come leaves us naked and vulnerable. It’s in those moments where our offering becomes sacred – transformational. Our very souls become alive with a life nourished through seasons of barren limbs and seasons of green bloom.



Because green will indeed bloom again. Indeed, green is already there.

The leaves know it.

The limbs know it.

The roots know it.


And so, these words today.

Be bold in your surrender. Sing like soaking rains that come down gently and do no harm and stay for a while.

Sing for what is and what is to come.

“God teaches His sovereignty in trees that willingly yield to the change of the seasons. They don’t brace against the coming cold; rather, they lean into it, shedding the bounty of summer and quietly resting as life abounds unseen. They shimmer like gold and dance at the thought of His unending provision. If we allow, He will give us the power to embrace the abundance that lives in both plenty and in want.” ~me 

For me, surrender takes on all sorts of shapes and sings so many songs. Right now, I’m in a season of surrendering the desire to be greatly loved by all – because I know that desire is a destroyer of my even greater desire, which is to love and serve boldly. What is it that you need to surrender right now? I want to pray with you and for you.


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