This is for you, love, when you are in the waiting season. xoxo 


The days of gray are soon ending – the days of long waiting for the “yes and amen” to come. The place where you’ve been dwelling hasn’t been barren, but the fruit on the vine struggles to grow and harvest seems a distant dream. You survive but hunger to be alive. You long for sun on your face. And sun is coming. The darkness will be shattered. Dance with joy, sweet one. Dance. Look at the vines now – watch them grow. Call out to friends to bring their baskets because the branches can’t hold all the blessing. Curses are broken, chains are broken, oppression is broken. The long-fought battle that you’ve waged in the gray is over, and the weapons of that warfare can be thrown into the fire because you do not need them. You do not need them again. Dance by the fire, love. You have a great Redeemer who gives you victory. His name? Listen to its beauty.

God is with us.
The God of wonder.
The God who listens.
The God who guides.
The God who protects.
The God who saves.
The God who remains.
The God who loves.
The God who rules.
The God who heals.
The God who calms.
The God who speaks life.
The God who breathes peace.
The God who increases joy.
The God who establishes justice.
The God who breaks chains.
The God who does right.
Your Redeemer is over the moon about doing this – just for you.

Just for you, love.

Read the inspiration for this parable of prayer.

Redeeming God, precious Father, to think that You’re over the moon about loving Your people well. You’re over the moon about caring for us. You’re over the moon about shattering darkness in our lives and bringing blessing where there has been none. You are over the moon about joys and delights. You are over the moon about saving and healing and securing. You are over the moon about dancing at the harvest and watching the fruit overwhelm the branches of our lives. You are the God of joy – great joy – joy that takes our breath away. Father, would You help us not forget that harvest awaits us – that You have baskets ready for our hands to hold? Would You help us not forget that darkness always gives way to light, and that waiting is not forever, but that YOU are forever. Would You help us even now to begin the dance? Would You help us be over the moon to receive all that You have for us as our great Lord?

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