A little something for you, because the noise of the crowds all around us keeps growing louder, and if we are not careful we can fall far into the sound. But we are worth more than fury, and we are meant to be and keep being. The words are inspired by time in 3 John. 

This is for you, love. Words just for you – because I love you. Words written, though I long with all longing to see you face-to-face. The words are for now and for when we stand together, not separated by distance or time or any number of things that keep us apart.
Before I say the things I want to say, I want to remind you of this – I want more than anything for your life to be wholly the picture of what love does for a heart. I want your soul to find its Eden, coming alive with the very breath of God. I want you to dance in step to the movement of His spirit. There is nothing more exquisite than that dance. Close your eyes and breathe in and feel yourself moving.

That is joy, love. That is joy.


Now let that joy extend to the lives of others. Yes, here are the words for you today.

Be kind. Grace is needed in all the spaces we call our home.

Kindness doesn’t merely touch another life – it moves past the edges to know what causes that life to respond and recoil. Kindness takes time to listen, and the truth it speaks quickens hearts rather than crushing them. Kindness welcomes strangers and prays for enemies. Kindness destroys evil by setting it ablaze with affection, for it sees past the act and into the heart of the soul chained and bound. Kindness believes justice and mercy walk hand-in-hand. Kindness sits with the outsider, the outcast, the ones afraid of what kindness might do because they’ve never tasted of that kindness before. Kindness doesn’t kick to the curb, and it is bold in its proclamation of hope. Yes, kindness shares hope always.

So love, be kind and keep being kind. Please keep being kind.

How many times have I been so very unkind, my Lord? How many mighty words did I say that should have been tender prayers instead? How many times has my own fear of being outcast or outsider kept me from loving well the ones who need that love so desperately? How many times have I puffed up my chest and thrown sarcasm like darts at a target just to watch it bleed, because I was afraid to speak my fear or frustration? How many times have I felt my words deserved public platform when they needed to be shared with those who know me well and have the space to help me move toward kindness? I have been so very unkind, haven’t I? I have disavowed the very truth I have wanted to speak, diminished the very love I’ve wanted to share. I am sorry.  Reveal to me those who need to hear my apology. Please. And weave back the threads of kindness that I have unraveled with my lack of it.

I am thankful that Your hope is stronger than every unkindness.

You’ve read my prayer. How may I pray for you today – in what ways does kindness need to find you?

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