Ten Stories in the Life of a Writer

Goals. Inspiration. Progress.

What trips me up.

What propels me forward.

Where I gain strength.

And what happens when the way I view life is edited.

Here are ten stories in the life of this writer. I hope they’ll inspire you, encourage you, and remind you that we truly are all in this together.


The Writing Life – Progress

A love note to you – about time. 

The Writing Life – Mornings

The essential thing that makes the writing worthy.

The Writing Life – Goal

The truth about what writing means to me.

The Writing Life – Mood

The lie that threatens, and the mood that overcomes. 

The Writing Life – Inspiration

Where inspiration dwells.

The Writing Life – Edit

The edits that are the most important.

The Writing Life – Draft

The power of the rough draft.

The Writing Life – Quote

The quote that lingers with me, and keeps me moving forward.

The Writing Life – Stuck

The word that trips me up, because it’s not what we should be. 

The Writing Life- Brainstorm

Where to find the ideas. 

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We're in this together, and I am for you. I secure road signs with a hammer of hope, and clear the debris so they can be seen. I am your encourager. I walk and keep walking. Cheer and keep cheering. I invest, dive deep, and cherish most the stories being written in the lives of women who believe restoration is a reality on earth as it is in heaven. God holds the pen in those stories, “That one - I hold her. And that one - she is My delight. And that one - never snatched away.”  I am a mouthpiece of celebration for women. Redemption is our song. You can find even more encouragement in  "For You, Love" the prayer journals that invite you to respond, and in Everbloom, a collection of stories from the Redbud Writers Guild. And be sure to pre-order your copy of One Woman Can Change the World: Reclaiming Your God-Designed Influence and Impact Right Where You Are. It publishes June 16, 2020 (Revell Publishing). I'm honored to be represented by Credo Communications.

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