#kitchentherapy for the holidays: CRANBERRY BLISS (AND YUM)

Does anyone else have an entire section of their freezer dedicated to cranberries?


OK, then. But when there’s a global shortage of these amazing water-logged delights, you’ll know who to call. We’re in this together, and I am for you. And cranberries. I purchase them in bulk so I can enjoy them all year long. I mean, who decided that cranberries are a Thanksgiving and Christmas thing? Whoever it was, they clearly didn’t understand the joy that is fresh cranberry salsa on a hot summer day.


On this, the final edition of the #kitchentherapy collection (at least for now – because I have, in the words of my friend Jason, “an eleventy-godzillion” more recipes here at CasaRock – and there are at least another dozen desserts on the blog that long to be shared, plus really good ones like the lemon lavender cupcakes with honey buttercream cupcakes in this picture), I honor the lovely cranberry. Don’t judge me that I am not partial to cranberry muffins, though – I think it’s a fruit bread connection that doesn’t fire well in my brain (pastry is a different thing altogether). But when you come to visit CasaRock, I will bake up those muffins and serve them to you with a big smile. And then I will sit down with my cranberry apple pie and a fork. And my big smile will grow even bigger.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little journey as much as I have. I’d love to know if you’d like to see more #kitchentherapy in the future (leave a comment to let me know). And I do really, truly, ever-so-sincerely hope you’ll accept the invitation to visit. Yes, you. But first, enjoy a little post dedicated solely to my freezer section, the cranberry.

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Amazing Cranberry Salsa 


Can we talk about how pretty cranberries are? I don’t think they’d mind at all. This salsa is popping with flavor and looks as tempting in July as it does in December – which means your house should never be without it.



Whiskey (or Bourbon) – Infused Baked Cranberry Sauce


Yes, that’s a Batman spoon. I’ve owned it since I was six, when my dad let me purchase the cutlery set at Rudy’s Red Bud grocery store. The fork disappeared, but the spoon remains an ever-trusted companion. Whether you make this baked cranberry sauce with whiskey (I use Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey) or bourbon (Jim Beam will do just fine), it’s the best. Honestly the best. In fact, I made a batch for me – all by myself. And then I ate it. All. Gone. Just like that. I just might do it again.



Pork Ribs with Cranberry Ginger Glaze 


I’ve shared the cheating way to make these without standing by a grill, so there’s no reason we should enjoy these together, no matter whose house we visit. The cranberry and ginger really sing, and it’s a most happy tune.



Rustic Cranberry Apple Pie 


When I said I would sit down with this pie and a fork, I was only teasing a tiny bit. This is such a perfect recipe. And I’ve also made it in galette form – it’s a bit sloppy but it works! Sloppy is totally acceptable at CasaRock, by the way. Wear your sweats and pop that hair in a cap. There’s a comfy couch waiting.

Well, friends, enjoy all the #kitchentherapy recipes. Things will be quiet around here for me in December, as I set my sights on long conversations and real-life coffee dates and quiet moments in the kitchen with friends. I’ve got some writing to do too – and quiet helps all the words connect. I pray your Christmas is merry and bright. We have much to be thankful for, even in the midst of chaos.

The Christ has come, for each of us. For all of us.

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